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April 2014
SCOTTWOODSIDE Audio Book Production


Now this was an awesome project that I had the honor of being involved in and producing the audio!  See what you think?  Do you believe?  This stuff will curdle your blood!

Audio Welcome from Scott Woodside

Welcome to my blogcast.  You should try and come back often, because you never know what you're going to hear.  Hey, if you don't want to read this intro then you can listen to the audio version.

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I started my career in radio and television more than 30 years ago.

During my career I was a morning drive time talent in two of the largest markets in the United States.  Atlanta and Washington DC.  I was the "sidekick", the funny guy and usually worked with a partner.  My expertise was coming up with quick comebacks, and or what is referred to as zingers.  

When I first started I honed my writing skills and broadcast skills on newscasts.  Since I was always an excellent reader, most managers would assign me to the newsroom.  

I noticed that newscasters never made very good salaries and that the DJ's were the ones that made the big money!  So right I away I realized that if I didn't write and deliver my news different than all of my competition, then I'd never make enough money to feed my family.

All of my newscasts were labeled "news and commentary"  because I was always adding my own opinions.  Now keep in mind this was way before talk radio.  The newscasts were required by the FCC for stations to comply with making sure the public/listeners were informed of the news of the day.  

Newscasts were not placed in top 40 radio (which is where I began my career) because management thought it would be a good idea. They were required.  So I figured that I would really have to deliver a compelling newscast to keep the listener's attention and to make sure they didn't switch to another station.  And that's what I did.  

I delivered newscasts, became a morning show sidekick, and voiced thousands of commercials for clients all over the United States.  

In August 2006 I launched my voice over site online and since that time I've produced audio books, self help audio books, website video introductions, instructional audios, and more.

New Audio Books! Narrated By Scott Woodside

Just added some more new audio book narrations and they are now posted on Listen to the excerpts and let me know what you think!

Here's the link:  New Audio Book Titles--Narrations By Scott Woodside
... << MORE >>

Scott Woodside Audio book production and Narration

Welcome and thanks for stopping by.  You will find all kinds of audio demonstrations that I have created from movie trailers to audio book narrations.

Browse around and listen to some demos and read some testemonials too. also invited to listen to some old air checks that I have uploaded from the various radio stations that I worked at over a 30 year span.

Questions about rates or the past?

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Arlington Memorial Park Tour-Sandy Springs, Georgia

This video was voiced and produced for Arlington Memorial Park in Atlanta.

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Borat News Update with Scott Woodside

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Scott Woodside All 70's Request Show B98.5 Atlanta-WSBFM-1994

Back in 1994 I was "courted" by WSB FM program director Phil Locasio and afternoon drive time personality and music director Kelly McCoy to do an all 70's request show. 

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Scott Woodside with partner Barry Chase on WZGC-Z93 Atlanta-Christmas and tacky light tour

Christmas morning show with Scott Woodside and Barry Chase.  Air Check is from 1991.  I was a newscaster on this aircheck.  Listen to the chemistry that the two of us had.  When we were on, no one could surpass our professionalism.

Played: 1966 | Download | Duration: 00:20:13

Scott Woodside with partner Barry Chase on WZGC-Z93 Atlanta

We were one of the first morning shows on FM radio in the United States.  Chase and Woodside.  We were reunited in the late 80's at where we first began.  WZGC Radio.  This is a clip of a morning show we did back in 1989.

Played: 1957 | Download | Duration: 00:01:09

Scott Woodside on WPGC Radio in 1987

This is a short re-mastered air check of me doing my air shift in Washington DC all the way back in 1987, when radio was still fun!

Played: 1923 | Download | Duration: 00:01:44

Scott Woodside with Partners Jim Elliott and Barry Chase

Doing a morning radio show in the Nation's Capitol was just about the best high that any radio broadcaster could ever have.  Jim Elliott and I were the number one radio show in Washington DC for ten years.  From 1978 to 1988.  This is a short air check using the drop that President Ronald Regan recorded for us.  He listened to our show believe it or not, and we were invited to the White House numerous times.  The ultimate was when we received an invitation to MC his inaugural gala!  We accepted and I guess you'll just have to wait until the book comes out. 

There's also a little radio clip from 1977 with my other partner, Barry Chase.  Hell for years, people thought my first name was And.  Get it?  ___________ And Woodside.

Audio is from WRQX Washington DC (ABC) & WQXI Atlanta

Played: 1977 | Download | Duration: 00:01:04

Elvis Death Live 1977

Wow, this is a find.  My partner, Barry Chase, and I were doing an afternoon drive time show on WQXI Atlanta all the way back in 1977 when all of a sudden, our news guy Hank Schmidt told us that Elvis was dead and he needed to go on the air with the Flash/Bulletin.  Well, he did and the rest as they say is history.  Listen to the entire audio and you'll hear reaction as people learned of his death.  He was at the peak of his career when he died and we were on the air to capture history.  Listen for music great Bill Lowery eulogize Elvis.  There's also a clip of former Capricorn founder, Phil Walden, but it was cut out.  Something happened.  The tape I found had to be edited and some of the stuff, because it was on an old cassette had to be edited and processed.  Hope you enjoy! 

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Chase and Woodside "On The Cover of Atlanta Magazine

Back in 1988 I had an idea for a song to get my partner and I (Chase & Woodside) on the cover of Atlanta Magazine.  There was a great classic rock song written by Dr. Hook, called on the cover of The Rolling Stone.  The group sang the song, and got on the cover.  Well, I rewrote the song, and Barry and I recorded it in jest to see if we could get on the cover. 

Well we got noticed and a blurb was written about our covert activities by the Atlanta Magazine, but never got on the cover. 

Chase and Woodside had the number one morning radio show in Atlanta from 1988 to 1991.  But as they say, "Nothing lasts forever."

We had a ball but the consultants got the best of us.

Played: 1949 | Download | Duration: 00:02:43


Played: 2022 | Download | Duration: 00:01:27

WOW, all I can is wow...

Scott has already sent my free audio promo and it is killer.

I know where to go now for professional voice overs and promo's.

A big thank you Scott!



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What can I say, except that Scott did an absolutely fantastic job!

In the audio he created for one of my websites, his voice is like melted butter in all the right places.

Who can resist?

And the delivery was oh-so-super fast. If only all of life from idea to request to satisfaction transpired so quickly.

Interestingly enough, Scott made me think of my salesletters in a way I may not have without his sweet offer.

As a marketer, I know that a certain percentage of my customers aremore inclined to respond favorably to a male "authoritarian" figurethan that of a female. And while I haven't given it a tremendous amountof thought--or tested it (yet)--it's possible that better results canbe had when the "voice" that is heard in the marketing messages is acombination of both male and female.

Certainly worth considering.

From my own perspective, the macho male marketing that predominates thebroad niche of internet marketing (aka "make money online") can bequite tiresome.

Sensitive females such as myself grow weary of the constant,overly-aggressive themes that suggest it's a good thing to "kill,""crush," "destroy," "annihilate," "vaporize," etc., the competition. Itcan also be a complete turnoff to many of my gender.

Does that kind of marketing grab attention and create drama in the mindof the reader? Without a doubt. Is it overly hyped and blatantly gearedtoward the male? Absolutely! And there's no doubt it works on manyfemales too.

But, again, there are definitely those who it rubs the wrong way, bothmale and female (though I would venture to say more of the latter).

So what would happen if the hard edge of the male voice was softened bya female in the same sales message? Or if the sensitive female point ofview was toughened up a bit with the insertion of a male persona?

Truth is, I don't know. Never tried it before in a salesletter.

But thanks to Scott, I'm about to give it a go.

And while a "butter voice" may not attract or convince most of thosehigh-energy, testosterone-driven males, it may just push over the edgethe ones who need that "validation" that only a man can give anotherman.

Or maybe I'm reading too much into this.


Regardless, I thank you Scott, for your excellent work!

And I encourage my fellow Warriors to take advantage of the servicesScott provides. Check out his website to hear the many voices he'scapable of creating. No doubt you'll be awed by the diversity and scopeof his talent.

Put the man to work for you (while his prices are still reasonable)!

Thanks again, Scott! Your work is very much appreciated here.


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WOW..... This is awesome..I can not believe I will be promoting my site with such
a professional promo advertisement!!!

Scott did a intro promo audio for my eBook I am trying to promote.
I am planning to show the ebook in a screen cast and add this audio and put it up in Youtube!

I am very new into this and so excited to have such a cool audio in my arsenal!

He even adds some audio background to make it dramatic...... as if I am watching
a latest movie trailer....LOL!


Outstanding work, Scott...

Faster than a speeding bullet and nailed my brief to a TEE.

Thanks again, man.

You do, in fact, completely ROCK!

WARRIORS - Scott is by far the fastest VO talent I've
ever worked with and I've worked with MANY.

If you've been wanting an absolutely PROFESSIONAL
voiceover or audio production for your website,
video, or marketing materials... do not hesitate.

Simply pay him whatever he's asking... I'm planning
on billing this guy out for a minimum of 3 TIMES his
current book rate (and paying him twice as much)

Heh heh... just kidding (not really).

Seriously... He's a BAD-ASS and your production will


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Movie School Film Video/Audio

Ok, here's an example of how you can take audio production and really make it fun.  I was given the opportunity to produce something a little unique for a client who owns a movie making website.  Listen up, or better yet, take a look at the video now! 

Click Here Now and Watch MAKE YOUR OWN MOVIE VIDEO

Played: 1464 | Download | Duration: 00:02:01

Click Here Now and Watch MAKE YOUR OWN MOVIE VIDEO

Audio Production Vital For Tech Sites Too

Hey, even industrial sites require audio to make their product have more credibility.  We are all used to hearing announcers on radio and television and so why not when we go to a website?  Listen to the audio and then if you'd like, check out the website as well at

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How To Market Your Voice For Fun and Profit


So you want to sell your voice to producers for fun and profit do you? I can honestly say that there are a lot of companies out there that are always trying to get your business. Out of all of the ones I know there's only one that stands out!

This makes all of sense in the world. I wish more people would take advantage of these classes. The good news? Once you're finished taking the courses you will actually know how to make money the same way I do. You'll be my competition. If you have any desire whatsoever to sell your voice, then take this course and move on to the next level in your life!

How to Have Fun With Audio Production

You know, you've just got to have fun with what you do in life.  Never take stuff too seriously. 
Do I get poorly written copy from people in third world countries who try and write perfect English?  Hell yeh, and all the time too!  As a matter of fact I charge extra to make corrections. 
Sometimes my day can really be long so when I'm reading poorly written cop I start laughing uncontrollably.  This is one of those times that I just let the recorder run without making edits.  Hope you laugh as much as I did!

Played: 1550 | Download | Duration: 00:00:52

How to Create an Audio From an Obituary

Audio Obituaries are so much more dignified than the written word.  Listen to how this audio memorializes the deceased!  Now can you imagine if funeral homes took the time to convert written obits into audio presentations?  Wow, just one more way to market your voice!

Played: 1477 | Download | Duration: 00:02:59

How to make money with your voice doing cartoon characters

Hey, I just noticed I haven't posted anything in nearly a month.  Damn, where does the time go.  I've been busy doing cartoon voice work.  I'd like to share with you how easy it is to create a cartoon character.  In this case its a fly.  The client requested buzzing noises and music background as well as a sound effect of the fly hitting against a closed window. 

Audio is, with no question, total theater of the mind.  Video is easy, but audio?  That's where the men and the boys are separated.  Listen and you will hear all of the elements that bring this little fly alive!

Played: 1494 | Download | Duration: 00:03:28

How Audio Commercials Increase Business for Attorneys!

Attorneys are now using audio as a way to advertise their niche!  Never before have lawyers used so much audio to increase their perception.  And remember, perception is reality!

Played: 1432 | Download | Duration: 00:01:35

Real estate companies are using Audio!

This is the same copy that was used below on an earlier audio.  The difference?  The music!  Music makes all the difference!

Played: 1534 | Download | Duration: 00:02:31

Podcasts Sound Better With Professional Intros!

Wow, I've really been busy lately.  Who knew that when you stop blogging for a few weeks, your stats go to hell in no time.  Here's one of the many things I've produced over the past few weeks.  It's a podcast intro.  I've really been doing a lot lately.  Listen and see if you agree that a professionally produced intro is the only way to go!

Played: 1375 | Download | Duration: 00:00:31

How to Create An Audio Book Demo

People are always asking me how I broke into the audio book business. Well, here are some tips that may help you. And remember it is an ongoing project to keep getting your next voiceover job.
The most important thing: just like with any type of voice-over work, you’re going to need a demo to email publishers.
A demo is a short collection of vocal tracks. The collection should get across the idea that ...<< MORE >>

How to Make Money Producing VoiceOvers

So you and I pretty much can agree that the economy sucks.  We see people that we know and love being laid off from work.  We see all kinds of people from all kinds of work being laid off.

I read an article the other day that mentioned that more people launch their own businesses during bad economic times. 

Many of my friends and acquaintances are broadcasters and many of them have been laid off in the past year.  Large companies like Clear Channel, CBS Radio, ABC Radio, Citadel Radio, XM-Sirrius Satellite Radio and more are firing people left and right.  ...<< MORE >>

What are you looking for in Voice Over Production?

You know, when someone says to you:  "You have a great voice, and you should be doing commercials."  You should follow your dream if that's what you want to do.  But keep in mind, a lot of people just tell you what you want to hear.  

At any rate, if you're one of the thousands that wants to break into the voice over production field, then I highly suggest going to this link and read the comments!

In the meantime take a listen to a new audio article that I just recorded:  

Played: 1375 | Download | Duration: 00:06:18

Here is a Method That is Helping Attract More Audio Book Production Business

Wow, I just did a fantastic Audio Book Production project with a good friend and colleague of mine, Sandy Carman Weaver!  She and I did what is called a dialogue.  We both produce and voice the Audio book at the same time.  Listen and see what I mean.   We have already received quite a number of Audio Book Production Sessions by using this Method of Dialogue Voice Production. 

Played: 1316 | Download | Duration: 00:00:56


How to increase perceived value by adding Audio to a Russian Novel!

OK, am I having fun recording this latest project!  It's a Russian Novel/Autobiography.  I'm recording it in first person, so I have to change my voice for each character.  I have just finished the first chapter.  Please let me know if you have interested in listening to the entire audio book when it is complete.  Sign up for my blog and I'll let you know when it will be released for downloading.  In the meantime enjoy the first chapter for free.  I'm letting you listen to the first chapter because I want your feedback.  I also have it online as a demo for book publishers that convert books to audio using voice talent!  What do you think?

Played: 1336 | Download | Duration: 00:53:52

Break Away From The Rat Race Today!

I just completed a bunch of audio articles for one of my steady clients who is heavy into Internet Marketing and Multi Level Marketing!  This article really opens your eyes and gets you off of your ass!  Listen up and learn! 

...<< MORE >>

Audio Book Production Project!

OH boy, I can't wait!  I'm hoping to voice the book that I am promoting in this blogcast!  My prospective client wants to add perceived value to a book he is offering online!   Soooo, I voiced an audio ad for his audio book.  What do you think?

Played: 1071 | Download | Duration: 00:01:01

The Electric Cigarette!

Hey, I just voiced an audio production for a client in the UK.  I had fun with this one!  

Played: 1328 | Download | Duration: 00:04:24

New take action audio for a free report! Version Two

Here's another version of the same exact audio.  Listen and let us know which one you think the client chose!

...<< MORE >>

Should you voice your own audio for your own website?

I can save money if I do it my self

There are so many great audiio software programs available throughout the web and most are very inexpensive.

You can also find a large number of ebooks that show you step by step how to record your audio and how to place it on your website with no monthly fees.

So why not do it yourself? Why hire a professional?

Listen here and you'll know why:

Played: 1333 | Download | Duration: 00:01:20

Well, if you're paying professionals to launch various websites or just one, odds are you're not the one that's doing the graphics for your site. If you're selling a product or service with a sales page you're not writing the copy for the site either.

You want your site to look good, stand out among the pack, and you want the site to be able to sell what you're selling. That's why you hire someone else to do it.

So lets take a moment to visualize your site. It looks great, and your friends, family, and peers in the business give you all kinds of kudos for its appearance. You even begin to make sales, but you're thinking that something's missing.

You want to keep up with the competition so you decide to purchase audio software. You write out something and then voice it and place it on your site.

How do you think that sounds to visitors? They see this beautiful website and hear an untrained voice talk about the site. Yuck.

If the voice sounds untrained and monotone, then the visitor is subconciously thinking that site looks more credible than it sounds or than it is presented. This throws up flags and before you know it the visitor is gone and you haven't gotten the sale.

Here's one scenario that you may have not thought of. The site depicts the perception that the company has been around for years, or that the person representing him or herself is a seasoned veteran.

Then all of a sudden, as a visitor, you click on the Play Audio button and you hear a voice that sounds too young to match the site.

Most internet marketers have sites that look very mature and sell mature products, but the owner is probably under 25 and sounds like it.

So a visitor here's pauses, and a bunch of uhms, and uhs, and then the voice starts saying the word like over and over again. "I was like, really excited about this like software." Uhm, and uhm it's really robust, like really awesome."

Once your visitor hears this and then a couple of "omigoshes" thrown in for good measure, that person is gone.

We, as humans, just can't be all things to all people. Sure we can learn to do most anything, but we can we really be excellent in everything!

Words and Habits To Avoid When Doing Your Own Voice Overs!

Yikes, have you listened to yourself?

Hey, just a note to remind you not to talk like your peers when voiceing something on your website!

I watched a 3 minute power point presentation that was voiced by the creater of the product on the power point. The person said the word "UHM" 37 times in a 3 minute presentation. "UHM" was placed at the beginning of sentences, and in the middle of the sentences. Just about everywhere with no method to the madness.

Another no no! Do not even think about using the phrase "OMIGOSH" or is that a word? Who really knows.

The same "rule" applies to using the following: "Whatever", and "I was like" Don't be tempted to use them.

That may be what and how people are talking right now trying to sound like their peers, but there's no room for that kind of "cool speak" in an audio presentation.

One other habit that many people are using in their online audios? Non Professionals that is: Notice that they're saying their words in a staccato fashion that makes them sound younger than they really are.

Young is good, unless you're trying to maintain credibility. If you sound like a teenager by talking like one, then you will lose credibilty.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with teens, but adults trying to sound like a teenager in the way they present themselves through audio? Not cool, and probably a turn off to many.

Hope these random thoughts help you when trying to do your own audios.