Stories from lesson's learned is an attempt to show how experiences in life help you survive in the crazy world of competition.

Listen as Scott Woodside shares hundreds of stories. Life stories that seem more unbelievable than the stories of Forrest Gump.

Throughout life your job is to build your brand by going through multiple experiences.

When you listen to all of the crazy stories, I want you to say to yourself: "If he can do the things he's talked about, so can I."

Over the years, many have said that I should write a book. More people listen to podcasts than read. 

My hope is that through the interviews, and multiple stories, you'll have a pretty good idea of who I am and get a better idea of my brand.

I've been influenced by hundreds of professionals who have helped me become the person I am today.

Special acknowledgement goes to Dan Mason, a friend and a mentor. The person who acknowledged I had talent and gave me the opportunity to be successful. He hired me to do a morning show with Jim Elliott in the nation's capitol. He said he couldn't guarantee my success, and told me the following: "Just do what you do with your crazy self on the air. Stay human and personable.", "Hug the ladies, and kiss the babies."

Dan's resume is way to long and he's become more successful than most. As a friend and former president of CBS Radio I contacted him to get advice on what he thought about the idea of a podcast. He told me to go for it, be funny, topical and most of all be myself.

Sales Manager and Marketing professional.  Extensive background in consumer product sales and product placement with national accounts.  Expertise includes ability to close sales and motivating a sales team to grow the company by recognizing new opportunities. Managing business growth through e-commerce sales, trade shows, new product launches, and B to B relationships.

  • Strategic planning and execution
  • Sales Management
  • Team leader
  • Promotional marketing
  • Product launches
  • E-marketing and e-commerce
  • Sales motivation through passion
  • Event planning
  • Tradeshow management
  • Product positioning




Service Corporation International-Dignity Memorial, and Atlanta, GA

Worlds largest provider of death care, serving more than 400,000 families per year.  2007 - Present


Sales Management

  • Increased Sales year over year by maintaining an average of 110% or more of quota.
  • Responsible for millions in annual revenue.
  • Have consistently maintained a 40 to 50% profit margin at my current location for more than 7 years in a row.



PLATINUM PEN COMPANY - U.S. Division, Atlanta, GA 1997 - 2007

Global Manufacturer and Distributor of Writing Instruments.


V.P. Sales and Marketing

  • Managed a three person sales team and two rep firms for Platinum Pen writing instruments in the U.S.
  • Helped company become a top-five writing instrument supplier in U.S.
  • Helped increase sales 20% year-over-year between 1998 and 2004 including a record $3 million in sales of our multifunction PDA Pens to Amazon, Franklin Covey, Staples, Levenger, Tiger Direct, and Comp USA in 2001
  • Managed sales team and achieved sales goals of more than $225K in first 90 days) for USB Flash Drive Pens and high-end fountain pens (sales of more than $1 million in first year)
  • Increased click-through and conversion rates by at least 20% in all e-marketing campaigns between 1998 and 2004, generating more qualified leads 
  • Managed an annual sales and marketing budget of $200,000.00 as well as rebate programs through retailers and wholesalers including Staples, CompUSA, and Micro-center.


Schaefer ENTERPRISES-AKA, South of The Border, Florence, South Carolina 1995 - 1997

Tourist Resort Specializing in Hotels, Shopping Centers, and Restaurants.


V.P.  Sales and Marketing – Billboard Division

  • Managed all billboard campaigns and all creative
  • Helped company increase sales more than 10% year-over-year from 1995 through 1997
  • Managed sales team for more than 350 billboards along the I-95 corridor between Richmond, Virginia, and Jacksonville, Florida
  • Increased traffic to the resort by more than 20% with new billboard designs
  • Reduced overhead by implementing new billboard vinyl printing technology


CLEAR CHANNEL, CBS & ABC COMMUNICATIONS, Atlanta & Washington, DC 1980 - 1995

Major broadcasting corporations for mass media


Major Market Morning Show Talent/Broadcast News Journalist

  • Responsible for driving high ratings to well-produced morning shows in Washington DC and Atlanta
  • Worked with account executives in the field to help them close sales with clients
  • Co-host of a number-one morning-drive radio show in Washington, D.C.
  • Wrote and delivered an average of eight newscasts per day, five days-per-week at top stations
  • First and only American journalist to conduct a live impromptu interview with senior Soviet official in 1983 at the Russian Embassy
  • Emcee of a Presidential Inauguration Dinner at the White House
  • Columnist for national trade magazine Inside Radio



General Manager

  • Created and designed a new state-of-the-art studio, managed a budget, hired and managed staff, and produced nightly 30-minute news shows





BS Communications, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland