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Wow I had no idea!

You continue to wow me on every one of your podcasts. How can one person have had so many experiences. I'm in sales and I truly believe that the more stories you have, the better you can relate to the people you're trying to sell to! Keep up the good work! John Irwine Maryland

Love the Stories. Makes me feel like I am there!

I am enjoying the podcasts. Scott tells great stories and he certainly has a lot of good ones. In order for me to listen to a podcast, I have to like the person’s voice. If I don’t like their voice, I won’t listen, no matter what they say. I like Scott’s voice. It is soothing and makes me want to hear more. Keep up the good work Scott!

Wow I love hearing the inside information behind the scenes!

I listened to you in Washington DC along with your partner Jim Elliott. You guys were hilarious. I can't wait to hear more stories. and thank you for doing this podcast.